From February, 2017


SHOT WITH:   Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera Body Only Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens


I love both sushi and bread, but my love for family definitely surpasses all the carbs I consume. We forget that there are so many types of love to celebrate (daily)! The love that we often neglect, however, is the love you provide for yourself. Self-love is what allows you to respect and take care…


February 11th marks the date I was born into the world to live fearlessly, to explore with the right amount of optimism and caution, to love passionately, and to indulge in life’s limitless joys. Granted, I do these things less often than I would like; nonetheless, you all definitely inspire me to go out and live a little more. Thank you for your birthday wishes, I am so pleased to know such a kindhearted handful of people.  As always, thanks for stopping by. With love, – Rachaelle


Dear you,  You wake up every day trying to be someone, to fit this mold you’ve built up in your head, glorified by only you. You wake up thinking, “How can I make myself better?” Never realizing that your standards of “better” are not related to improving yourself. Rather, you “better” yourself by changing your…


Okay, I lied. I wish I could cure all of our stubborn acne with these few skincare tips, but I am no skin expert. Here is one reason why your pimples won’t budge. You are neglecting to thoroughly wash and clean these everyday items! PILLOWCASE What do we do everyday besides eat and poop? Sleep.…