Acne Treatment: How to Clear Severe Allergic Reaction Acne on Face

I cleared my acne and hives in 4 days with these drugstore products.

As someone who loves all food, more specifically food leaning on the unhealthier side of the spectrum, I was pretty devastated and shocked  to find I was allergic to something I had ate. From the corn puff snacks to sashimi, I am still not too sure what exactly caused the hives and allergic reaction acne. Admittedly I had munched on a variety of goods. I am usually not one to let my physical appearance stop me from doing things, but this was the worst my skin has ever been and I needed to find an immediate solution. Whatever the cause of my reaction was, this is how I healed my breakout within a week! MY TOP SKIN CARE EMERGENCY PRODUCTS:


For a couple years now I’ve been using Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser. I tend to have combination skin and this gentle cleanser does the trick! For someone who wears makeup everyday, this lathering wash removes all of it off easily… That’s why it’s been a staple! Never dries out my skin.


This is especially helpful for treating infection directly, as it targets superficial debris that may lead to clogged pores. This topical treatment toner is quite drying, but does the trick when your body is producing more oil than usual! Whenever it has been an especially long day, I use this toner to deep clean and remove excess oils and dirt that have been building up. Also acts as an exfoliant! Be careful and use this stuff in moderation though, it does tend to dry out your skin. This is what I found most useful for the allergic reaction acne.


It’s exactly what it is. An acne treatment that dries out pimples throughout the day, reducing the spot if not getting rid of it entirely. The only downside of this cream is that you have to remember to reapply it throughout the day as it dries.


Similar to the Clearasil Spot Treatment, the Mario Badescu drying lotion is a little more potent and is an overnight treatment for whiteheads. A gentle dab and rinse the next morning, your pimples are gone! Definitely a lifesaver.


This last cream was a true treasure prescribed by my doctor! This topical treatment worked by irritating the first layer of the skin, allowing the cells to grow, divide, and rebuild a new layer. Amazing stuff! If you have trouble with acne and stubborn spots, ask your doctor about this treatment.


– Hydrate with lots of green tea and water

– Take antihistamines

With professional medical permission and help, antihistamines do tend to help allergic reactions. Personally, taking Benadryl reduced the swelling but did not get rid of the acne that the reaction left, which is why I resorted to this skincare routine.

And that wraps up my top skincare products that saved my skin after this uncalled for and super unfortunate allergic reaction mess. Good luck, I hope this helps if any of you come across this situation!

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