Welcome to Modest Nook!

As most creatives do, I leaned into blogging as a way to express my individuality, thoughts, and aspirations on a platform where I could also integrate my passion for social media. I began posting around 2015, when my problems seemed much larger than they were, and my passions were vaguely decided. Since then, I have immersed myself in the world of lifestyle and portrait photography, as well as educating myself and others about how necessary it is to care for your mind as well as your body. As a young adult, I have admittedly neglected my mental health and wellness. This has been something I strive to work on and hope I influence others to do as well.

As for the name “Modest Nook,” I create with the intention that this little corner on the web will not go unnoticed, and hopefully one day will be your safe space to find inspiration. This is my small, but glorified collection of beautiful people and cherished thoughts that I am deeply proud and honored to share with you.

It is important to do what makes you happy, so that’s what I’m doing. Through my posts, I wish to inspire you to do the same.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



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