Okay, I lied. I wish I could cure all of our stubborn acne with these few skincare tips, but I am no skin expert. Here is one reason why your pimples won’t budge.

You are neglecting to thoroughly wash and clean these everyday items!


What do we do everyday besides eat and poop? Sleep. While you are out living your life, germs are nesting into your pillow and pillowcase. I know quite a few people who do not wash their pillowcase for months… At least swap it out for a new one! The last thing you want to do after a long, tiring day is to knock out on a makeup covered, germ infested pillow.


Oh, boy. Do I have a story for you. I was visiting my friend’s place not too long ago, just to catch up. I went to use the restroom and washed my hands like the normal hygienic person does. I was stuck in the classic “Where do I wipe my hands” scenario, avoiding my pants to not make it look like I had an accident before I made it to the toilet. Yes, I know you can relate. Nonethelesss, my only sensible option was to wipe my hands on her bath towel. Everything was okay until I got a whiff of my hands… A sour, rotten, wet dog stench reeked from my hands. Does she EVER wash her towel??? And this is what she wipes her face with??? Please, just wash your towel.


I hope I am not the only one when I confess this– but I love cleaning my glasses with a glass cleaner solution before every use. Maybe I just love the smell of glass cleaner. My obsession aside, it is crucial to clean the nose pads and arms of your glasses weekly if not daily. Extra oils that you constantly put back on your face will eventually clog your pores.


If you don’t already exfoliate, you need to step up your game! Read my previous post if you want to hear me rave about how important a good exfoliation session is. For those of you who are exfoliation geeks like me, and you use a mineral infused sponge, make sure you are replacing these every 2 weeks to ensure that no buildup is going back into your pores.

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– Rachaelle

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