I NEED A BREAK! 3 Tips to Recharging and Resting Your Mind

Hope you are all enjoying your 3 day weekend before it’s back to work! I’ve had quite the relaxing weekend spent at home, recharging for the upcoming week. This past week involved a huge focus on mental health and glorifying solitude. Often, when things go wrong I turn to work to keep myself occupied. IContinue reading “I NEED A BREAK! 3 Tips to Recharging and Resting Your Mind”


OUR SPOT: Online Wellness Community and Networking Nook

MODEST NOOK: OUR SPOT Hi everyone! I have been in and out of social media lately, truthfully confused with my personal life and what direction I’m headed in. I constantly picture my future… Living in a house, working a stable job, and just purely happy. Lately the motivation to get there has been fading. IContinue reading “OUR SPOT: Online Wellness Community and Networking Nook”


Dear Lord, Please lead us as we pray for our families and loved ones, those who are conflicted mentally and physically, and those suffering their own stresses, as we strive for your guidance. You have given us the gift of life in this world, and I am grateful. My faith in you is strong asContinue reading “MY CALL TO YOU”

Impatience, Lacking Motivation, Finding Inspiration Again

Hello everyone! I’m taking it back to the old days when I used to write journal type posts about absolutely anything and everything. Going into 2018, I imagined to take this blog further than I had planned, with great expectations that consumed me in the end. It has barely been a month into the newContinue reading “Impatience, Lacking Motivation, Finding Inspiration Again”

Feeling Overwhelmed in Social Settings: How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

I can openly admit that I am the most tense, awkward, and quiet person when it comes to large social situations. It’s something I try to work on, however it truly haunts the introvert inside of me when I look back at how horribly I handled the situations. Whether its meeting new people, or havingContinue reading “Feeling Overwhelmed in Social Settings: How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress”


The fact that March is nearly over is insane! Time has been passing by so quickly lately that it has been a necessary part of my day to stop and take a moment to reflect on everything and what my general goals are. Ambition and drive tends to whither down when you get caught upContinue reading “BE GRATEFUL”


Life gets boring sometimes. Whether you are stuck in your daily routine or it is simply time to change up your look, here are 4 ways to switch things up! If you have any interesting ideas, please let me know in the comments! I love reading your feedback.  1. LESS IS MORE  When most ofContinue reading “LIFE GETS BORING SOMETIMES”


I love both sushi and bread, but my love for family definitely surpasses all the carbs I consume. We forget that there are so many types of love to celebrate (daily)! The love that we often neglect, however, is the love you provide for yourself. Self-love is what allows you to respect and take careContinue reading “THE ONLY LOVE YOU NEED”


Dear you,  You wake up every day trying to be someone, to fit this mold you’ve built up in your head, glorified by only you. You wake up thinking, “How can I make myself better?” Never realizing that your standards of “better” are not related to improving yourself. Rather, you “better” yourself by changing yourContinue reading “DEAD END ROAD “


Keeping it short and sweet today.  Today’s day and age of feeling recognition has become a situation of expressing subliminal messages through social media posts rather than straight up verbal honesty and communication. Be truthful to the people who you care most about.  That is all. As always, thanks for stopping by.  – Rachaelle