FRIDAY FAVORITES: Here’s to The First Week of 2019

And…We’re back! I’m a little late but I would love to wish all of you a wonderful New Year, I hope you had the night to celebrate with your loved ones. From food to music, I wanted to share all of my recently loved items with you. Here is a brief recap of my current favorite restaurants, fashion favorites, and artists that I listen to daily. Thank you so much for your support over the past years. Let’s do this…


Pasta e Pasta by Allegro

Okay okay, props to my boyfriend for taking me to new spots and broadening my foodie dreams… But how did I never know this glorious restaurant existed?! Pasta e Pasta is a humble little Japanese Italian restaurant located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Admittedly, I have only been there twice but their Mentai Japanese Cream Pasta is the winner. Killer 10/10 for me. They tend to fill up right at opening so try to arrive early or mark your spot in line through Yelp. So convenient and incredibly worth it. I am a hardcore fan

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Listen, as someone who loves desserts of all kind… I would have to admit, Bumsan has become one of my favorite ice cream shops. What I love about it is their unique flavors and simplicity- probably because their products are 100% organic USDA certified, non-GMO, antibiotic-free dairy. Not too sweet or overbearing. Includes a free topping. Super Instagrammable. From matcha to taro milk tea, I’m pretty sure Bumsan will please any ice cream connoisseur. Check em out if you’re in Koreatown, Los Angeles!


It’s truly heartbreaking that I have only one day off to express myself through fashion, since the other days I’m trapped in my work uniform. As a SoCal baby here is my go to item I have been utilizing this winter:

Members Only Sherpa Coat

*Members Only is currently having a 50% off sitewide sale! Grab your favorite styles before they discontinue!*

This Members Only Sherpa Coat has been keeping me warm this chilly winter in LA! For a SoCal girl, anything below 50 degrees requires a thick coat and a scarf. Luckily I can dress this coat up or down according to the occasion. Thank you to Members Only for gifting me this jacket a while back! Always a favorite.


Click this super secret link to head to my January 2019 Spotify playlist. I will be constantly adding to this throughout the month:

  • Imagine – Ariana Grande

  • Coolin’ – Mya

  • Shelter – Porter Robinson

  • Widdit – Boombox Cartel, QUIX

  • That concludes my favorites from fashion to music throughout this first week of 2019! Happy New Year, I am so grateful to have this modest little spot on the internet that allows me to connect and share bits of my life with all of you. Wishing you all the best this year, I hope we all continue to work hard towards our goals and support each other’s growth.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.




    Dear Lord,

    Please lead us as we pray for our families and loved ones, those who are conflicted mentally and physically, and those suffering their own stresses, as we strive for your guidance. You have given us the gift of life in this world, and I am grateful. My faith in you is strong as your faith and love for me is insurmountable. Gracious and merciful God, please forgive us for our sins that have offended you, as we desire your nurture and love. Our love for you will last all eternity. Lastly, thank you blessing us with another day.

    Glory be to the Father,
    and to the Son,
    and to the Holy Spirit.
    As it was in the beginning,
    is now,
    and ever shall be,
    world without end.

    Through Christ our Lord, Amen.


    Hi friends! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite music with you weekly, since I love discovering new artists and rediscovering loved songs. I create a new playlist every month of the year, adding both new and old songs… I do this because I like to go back through the months and have that nostalgic feeling and remember all the bad and good memories! Music is heavily involved in my moods and sets the tone of the months. Weird, I know. Nonetheless, here are a few songs I have recently been loving, fresh and straight from my January playlist. 

    Fair-Weather Friend – Bruno Major

    Bruno Major & the perfect imperfections (interview)

    “For the past year, the super-talented Bruno Major has been writing and releasing a new song every month. It’s an incredible project, as Major opens himself up like few artists are able to do – obviously, the result is stunning.” – Thomas Smith 
    Read more on Bruno Major on Thomas Smith’s article! 

    Surreal – Louis Futon, RKCB

    louis futon review

    First discovered Louis Futon through his soundcloud, and later rediscovered more of his incredible work on Spotify. This chill track is the perfect mix to get you ready for the day, and the perfect amount to get you in a good mood for whatever the day has to throw at you. It can also be one of those tracks you blast when you’re in for a long drive. With all the windows down.

    Be The One – Cupidon, Tierra

    be the one cupidon review

    I love the vocals on this track! Starts off smooth and then poppin’ beats join in. A common theme of my January playlist so far is chill music that slowly build into soft indie pop jams. I’m terrible at describing music. I just realized. Maybe this post idea was a mistake… hahaha! But if you listen to this song I feel like you’ll understand what I mean. 

    Lights Out – AKAY, Ayelle

    lights out akay review

    This song is different from the previous couple. It takes it back a notch with a soothing voice, almost whispering a love song lullaby. But the vocals… MMM so whispy… charming… persuasive? Jeez. So pleased to have found this song. Something to listen to when you’re driving home, winding down, ready to fall asleep.

    Check out more of AKAY on Soundcloud 

    Hold on to Me – Kyle Dion

    kyle dion favorite song

    Honestly, I listened to this song quite a while back if I remember correctly. Didn’t like it too much. Revisited Kyle Dion’s work on Spotify after seeing Xavier Omar’s tags on Instagram, and wow. I don’t know what I was doing passing up on Kyle Dion! His voice makes me want to keep listening…on and on. The lyrics, his talent when he hits those high notes… So incredibly pure. Another track to chill to or even blast in the car when you’re having the feels.

    FaceTime – 21 Savage

    21 savage favorite

    Obviously had to include 21 Savage in my playlist. Always sneaks in to every month’s tracks. Issa vibe. Nothing more to say.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.



    It is well known for the skin to dry out as the winter months approach, and the humidity levels drop. Lately, my skin has been feeling especially dry, leaving a flaky and rough texture around my nose and cheeks. Rather than avoiding this, I’ve adopted this simple routine to ensure my skin stays moisturized and soft in the winter months. Regardless, everyone has varied skin types. This is what works for me!



    Changing up your face wash is absolutely essential as the seasons change, as the weather shifts from hot to cold. Observe the physical changes in your skin- if your skin tends to build up more oil in the summer, look for an oil free face wash. I absolutely love Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, which tends to work for all skin types. On the other hand, if your skin tends to flake in the winter, find a cleanser that will re-moisturize your skin. This fall/winter I have been hooked to Cetaphil’s Daily Facial cleanser, because of it’s gentle cleansing capabilities while still removing all of the excess makeup and dirt. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, while not stripping away the natural oils!

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



    Next up, EXFOLIATE! I’ve stressed how important exfoliating is, but I cant express how necessary it is in the dry winter months! Designed for men and women, this mud mask leaves your skin visibly pore-less after one use. I have been using this product 3x a week and noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my forehead and nose, where I have the biggest pores. I have to admit I was gifted this product by my good friend (THANK YOU JIAOJIAO!!), and it’s value is quite pricey, but I would probably buy it again after I hit empty. This mask also does wonders for those massive pimples that you wish could reduce overnight.



    The reason why I tend to rave about Philosophy is because of how versatile all of their products are, regarding skin types. Philosophy’s Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker has been a favorite of mine this winter due to its ability to thoroughly replenish my skin’s natural moisture, without feeling a heavy layer on my face. This product is meant for managing wrinkles however it is a creamier consistency to use in the winter, as the skin becomes drier.



    Following the cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, I like to apply Mederma’s gel formulated scar treatment to my acne prone areas and scars, old and new. Admittedly, I don’t apply this every night because I don’t enjoy sleeping with too many products on my face, however I have been using this quite frequently after seeing the results. I have had a large patch of acne scars on my left cheek for quite a while now, and decided to try out Mederma after hearing the raging reviews. The main reason why I’ve added this product to my nightly favorites is because it has reduced a majority of the discoloration on my cheeks due to scarring. My scars have not completely vanished, but Mederma has helped a ton!




    5. VITAMINS!

    The last element to my fall/winter night time rituals has been taking my daily vitamins! These are some of the vitamins I tend to take regularly, however the ones I make sure to never skip out on would be Vitamin D and C! Vitamin D is essential in allowing the body to absorb calcium which leads to healthy bone growth. As for vitamin C, it is important to protect your body from immune system deficiencies during the cold winter months. Stock up!

    If you would like a more in depth post about the vitamins I consume daily, leave me a comment!


    As always, thanks for stopping by.

    – Rachaelle


    …Vegetables and food truck tacos are exactly what my diet has been full of for this past week, and I’m content as ever. I love sharing my finds with you all and these spots definitely made me happy. Let me know your favorite spots in LA, I am dying to try new places!


    I am usually a meat lover, but lately I’ve been a sucker for all veggies. Boiling Point’s Organic Veggie pot does the trick with my unusual and unwavering cravings for vegetables. The soup broth is so clean and pure compared to the other meat based broths. Not that I’m a meat hater! I just really enjoy eating vegetables… And the response my body gives! (What goes in must come out…)

    2. EL FLAMIN’ TACO TRUCK (Location on Vermont)

    Who doesn’t love a plate of dirty street tacos? El Flamin’ is surely on a whole ‘notha level regarding the taco truck world. Maybe I haven’t ventured out enough to every taco truck in LA, but El Flamin’ seriously has the best pastor tacos. Pile it on with some salsa verde, loads of onions, and radish… Mmm. So juicy!


    Roasted vegetable heaven! Urban Plates is one of my newly discovered favorite restaurants. Their hearty meals can be a bit rich and are blatantly for the rich (it can be a bit pricey for a meal), but the quality and flavor was worth it. If I have the time and money, you know where to find me!

    As always, thanks for stopping by.

    – Rachaelle


    Instagram is always with the latest fashion trends and hip boutiques. I am so inspired and impressed by all the individuals who turn their start ups into hugely successful fashion empires throughout social media! Here's an example of one.

    Instagram – @pinkplasticbabez
    Show these ladies some love & Shop NOW!


    As always, thanks for stopping by.
    – Rachaelle


    Welcome back, everyone! I have been super inactive on my blog lately, mainly because it’s been a sluggish and truthfully lazy couple of months. But I’m back and with a new theme altogether! I hope you all like it. With all that said, here’s what I loved in July!

    FOOD :

    • Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (Temple City, CA) — Newly opened KBBQ spot in TC! Kang Ho Dong has several other locations from Koreatown to Rowland Heights, but to save the gas and stop the hunger, we decided to drop by this local spot. We dropped by on a weekday for dinner, and surprisingly it was pretty busy with a wait! All of the servers were attentive to each of their tables. Truthfully, I thought the quality of the meat was satisfying, but the bill left a hole in my stomach… haha! A bit pricey for KBBQ. Definitely will try again though! Perhaps the other locations.

    • Amazon Prime Fresh — Having groceries delivered to your door is probably the coolest discovery ever. I’m still amazed. That is all.

    • Elote — This glorious treasure is hard to come by! On the way to dinner with my brothers, we caught a lady selling these bad boys on the street for $2 each! What a steal. 10/10.


    • LITHE COLLECTIVE — This minimal yet chic shop is back with the cutest collection of home goods and accessories for you to splurge on. Their Rattan bags are a must have for the summer! I am so impressed by this quaint collection. Check out their instagram (@lithecollective) as well as their online boutique where they’re featuring a giveaway to kickstart their return!

    • Urban Outfitters off shoulder dress
    • Faithfull The Brand off shoulder dress

    MUSIC :

    • RIP – Olivia O’Brien
    • Gilligan – DRAM
    • Bellyache – Billie Eilish (Marian Hill Remix)
    • Coming Out Strong – Future
    • Don’t Knock On My Door – Tdot illdude
    • Modern Flame – Emmit Fenn
    • Numb – 21 Savage

    Thank you all for your continuous support and love! Looking forward to reading your feedback and favorites in the comments. I’ll be back soon with another post! *Trying to be more consistent….*

    As always, thanks for stopping by.
    – Rachaelle


    Happy Wednesday! Following my post about tips to healthy skin, I wanted to share my every day skincare products with you. Most of these products are targeted towards those with acne-prone or oily skin, so keep in mind that they might be a little harsh or drying if you have sensitive skin. Tell me about the goodies you use on the daily also! I love reading your comments. 


    These oil-free makeup wipes are my favorites when it comes to taking off stubborn makeup that has been caked on your face all day. I would definitely say they are catered more towards those who have acne prone skin because they are oil-free and are less likely to clog your pores. Even though I personally love the strong citrus grapefruit scent, I would not recommend these cleansing wipes if you tend to have sensitive to dry skin, since the smell can be a bit potent at times! 


    It is super important to make sure you remove every last bit of makeup, but it is also crucial to be delicate with your eyes! I use this Micellar cleansing water mainly to remove false lashes, eyeshadow, and any stubborn eye makeup. Just drop a few bits onto a round cotton pad, hold it on your eye for a few seconds, and gently wipe away. Gentle yet incredibly effective, this micellar cleansing water does the trick. I use this to remove eyebrow product as well, just to be safe. I don’t want my eyebrows disappearing after years of harsh makeup remover! 


    Right after washing my face, I love following it up with a toner to really eliminate any excess oil, unclog pores, and overall soothe redness. Most of the products I use are targeted towards acne prone skin, but no matter what your skin type is, it’s always good to finish off the cleansing with a good toner. I have been using this Neutrogena toner for about 3 years now and I find that it really makes my pores feel truly cleansed, because it is an alcohol heavy product. It does tend to dry out your skin a little, but this is part of the whole eliminating acne process. Just follow it up with a quality moisturizer! 


    Honestly, I am so excited to rave about this next product. I sampled this product a couple years ago and finally decided to splurge on the full size. Philosophy consistently creates unique and quality skincare products that ensure healthy and glowing skin. Hope in a Jar is by far my favorite high end moisturizer yet. With a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, this moisturizer blends out fine lines and shrinks visible pores. Aside from this, the formula is a light, whipped consistency which allows your skin to easily soak it all up. Unlike most facial moisturizers, Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar does not feel like an oily layer on your face. It leaves your skin glowing and baby smooth! I would definitely recommend this product to all skin types if you love having smooth and wrinkle free skin. 


    Aveeno tends to have great skincare products for reasonable prices, so I thought I would include this under eye roll on! I wouldn’t say this instantly removes under eye puffiness, but it does feel super cooling if you happen to wake up with swollen bags under your eyes. I am not totally in love with this under eye roller, so let me know if you have any suggestions! Nonetheless, this anti-fatigue eye roller definitely helped me after those nights spent crying over grades… Wait what? 


    I have to admit it, this stuff seriously smells toxic. But it works! I would have to say that this spot treatment does the trick when you want to get rid of stubborn white heads. The salicylic acid and calamine are quick drying ingredients which help shrink your spots overnight. The only thing that holds me back from using it is the smell, which is similar to tea tree oil. I’m not a fan. But if you are, then take the risk and buy this drying lotion! It helps instantly reduce the size of your spots and is meant for all skin types. 


    I had this acne topical cream prescribed by my doctor a few months ago, but it has definitely helped speed the process of eliminating my acne overall. This is a daily, overnight treatment that dries your pores and spots over a period of 2 months. Light peeling occurs, but usually this helps get rid of dark scars and blemishes from previous pimples. This is one of the scary acne products that is said to “make your acne worse before it gets better,” but honestly I did not experience this at all. Personally, it has helped calm my acne and reduce the amount of whiteheads and oil overall. 

    ***It depends on your skin type! Always speak to your doctor first before diving into serious skincare products. 


    Mint flavored lip products are my favorite! This hydrating lip roll on moisturizers your lips and leaves them feeling refreshed and tingly… but in a good way! Olivella uses 100% natural Italian olive oil in their products, which slows down aging and hydrates your skin. The benefits of olive oil are endless. Hop on this olive oil fad for timeless skin. 


    Let me just tell you, I have no idea why this flavor is so hard to find. Mint lip balms and moisturizers are my favorite because they leave your lips feeling refreshed and tingly! However, it seriously upsets me that this edition is being discontinued…  


    Everyone has their go-to body lotion and this is my pick! Burt’s Bees products are natural and applicable to all skin types, which is rare to find! I have super dry and crusty legs, knees, and elbows; luckily, this creamy milk and honey formula helps soothe my dry skin. It is clinically proven to moisturize up to 24 hours and is open to all skin types since it is 98.9% natural. This is one of those light weight moisturizers that your skin is able to quickly absorb. On the plus side, it’s 100% natural fragrance is mildly sweet! Definitely give this lotion a try, or any Burt’s Bees product in general. 

    As always, thanks for stopping by. 

    – Rachaelle 


    It’s been a bit since I’ve caught up with you guys.

    I am truly sorry for the huge delay in posts… From school work to family hardships, I’ve struggled to keep my balance in life overall. As I continue to find that balance in my life, I thought I’d throw out a weekly favorites post! Haven’t done one of these in a while so here it goes. 


    • XO – EDEN
    • You Send Me – Sam Cooke 
    • Foldin Clothes – J. Cole
    • Someone Like You – Cobrayama 
    • Love in the Dark – Adele
    • Gemini – Anne-Marie 
    • Die For You – The Weeknd


    • Oversized flannels! I am definitely part of the lazy girl club, so I don’t plan much when it comes to choosing outfits. Throwing on a nice flowy oversized flannel (or a stolen flannel from your boyfriend, brother, or dad) is what I call the perfect transitioning outfit. Depending on the shoes and layering, you can dress it up or down. Casual to date night. It’s also a plus that flannels hide your belly when you want to pig out. No one will know. Leave me a comment if you want to see how I style oversized flannels! I’d love to let you in on all my secrets to the lazy girl wardrobe. 


    • Manna Grill (Riverside, CA) – Unfortunately, there is a lack of authentic, quality, homestyle Asian food in Riverside. I came across this little Korean family run kitchen just last month, not expecting much from the cheap prices, besides some dry kimbap and flavorless sides. Yet, I was proven totally wrong! For the low prices, the quality and amount of food remains pretty standard. You can just tell their rolls are made with lots of love and effort. For a cheeky little snack along with your meal, order a cup of dukbokki! These are rice cakes drenched in a yummy spicy sauce. I would drink the sauce if that didn’t mean I was psycho. Be sure to try it out if you’re in Riverside! 

    I always love hearing your favorites of the week and your feedback in general. Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love. Let’s all get in touch again, share some of your favorite songs in the comments! I’ll be sure to give them a listen.

    As always, thanks for stopping by. 

    – Rachaelle