FRIDAY FAVORITES: Here’s to The First Week of 2019

And…We’re back! I’m a little late but I would love to wish all of you a wonderful New Year, I hope you had the night to celebrate with your loved ones. From food to music, I wanted to share all of my recently loved items with you. Here is a brief recap of my current favorite restaurants, fashion favorites, and artists that I listen to daily. Thank you so much for your support over the past years. Let’s do this…


Pasta e Pasta by Allegro

Okay okay, props to my boyfriend for taking me to new spots and broadening my foodie dreams… But how did I never know this glorious restaurant existed?! Pasta e Pasta is a humble little Japanese Italian restaurant located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Admittedly, I have only been there twice but their Mentai Japanese Cream Pasta is the winner. Killer 10/10 for me. They tend to fill up right at opening so try to arrive early or mark your spot in line through Yelp. So convenient and incredibly worth it. I am a hardcore fan

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Listen, as someone who loves desserts of all kind… I would have to admit, Bumsan has become one of my favorite ice cream shops. What I love about it is their unique flavors and simplicity- probably because their products are 100% organic USDA certified, non-GMO, antibiotic-free dairy. Not too sweet or overbearing. Includes a free topping. Super Instagrammable. From matcha to taro milk tea, I’m pretty sure Bumsan will please any ice cream connoisseur. Check em out if you’re in Koreatown, Los Angeles!


It’s truly heartbreaking that I have only one day off to express myself through fashion, since the other days I’m trapped in my work uniform. As a SoCal baby here is my go to item I have been utilizing this winter:

Members Only Sherpa Coat

*Members Only is currently having a 50% off sitewide sale! Grab your favorite styles before they discontinue!*

This Members Only Sherpa Coat has been keeping me warm this chilly winter in LA! For a SoCal girl, anything below 50 degrees requires a thick coat and a scarf. Luckily I can dress this coat up or down according to the occasion. Thank you to Members Only for gifting me this jacket a while back! Always a favorite.


Click this super secret link to head to my January 2019 Spotify playlist. I will be constantly adding to this throughout the month:

  • Imagine – Ariana Grande

  • Coolin’ – Mya

  • Shelter – Porter Robinson

  • Widdit – Boombox Cartel, QUIX

  • That concludes my favorites from fashion to music throughout this first week of 2019! Happy New Year, I am so grateful to have this modest little spot on the internet that allows me to connect and share bits of my life with all of you. Wishing you all the best this year, I hope we all continue to work hard towards our goals and support each other’s growth.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.




    Hi friends! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite music with you weekly, since I love discovering new artists and rediscovering loved songs. I create a new playlist every month of the year, adding both new and old songs… I do this because I like to go back through the months and have that nostalgic feeling and remember all the bad and good memories! Music is heavily involved in my moods and sets the tone of the months. Weird, I know. Nonetheless, here are a few songs I have recently been loving, fresh and straight from my January playlist. 

    Fair-Weather Friend – Bruno Major

    Bruno Major & the perfect imperfections (interview)

    “For the past year, the super-talented Bruno Major has been writing and releasing a new song every month. It’s an incredible project, as Major opens himself up like few artists are able to do – obviously, the result is stunning.” – Thomas Smith 
    Read more on Bruno Major on Thomas Smith’s article! 

    Surreal – Louis Futon, RKCB

    louis futon review

    First discovered Louis Futon through his soundcloud, and later rediscovered more of his incredible work on Spotify. This chill track is the perfect mix to get you ready for the day, and the perfect amount to get you in a good mood for whatever the day has to throw at you. It can also be one of those tracks you blast when you’re in for a long drive. With all the windows down.

    Be The One – Cupidon, Tierra

    be the one cupidon review

    I love the vocals on this track! Starts off smooth and then poppin’ beats join in. A common theme of my January playlist so far is chill music that slowly build into soft indie pop jams. I’m terrible at describing music. I just realized. Maybe this post idea was a mistake… hahaha! But if you listen to this song I feel like you’ll understand what I mean. 

    Lights Out – AKAY, Ayelle

    lights out akay review

    This song is different from the previous couple. It takes it back a notch with a soothing voice, almost whispering a love song lullaby. But the vocals… MMM so whispy… charming… persuasive? Jeez. So pleased to have found this song. Something to listen to when you’re driving home, winding down, ready to fall asleep.

    Check out more of AKAY on Soundcloud 

    Hold on to Me – Kyle Dion

    kyle dion favorite song

    Honestly, I listened to this song quite a while back if I remember correctly. Didn’t like it too much. Revisited Kyle Dion’s work on Spotify after seeing Xavier Omar’s tags on Instagram, and wow. I don’t know what I was doing passing up on Kyle Dion! His voice makes me want to keep listening…on and on. The lyrics, his talent when he hits those high notes… So incredibly pure. Another track to chill to or even blast in the car when you’re having the feels.

    FaceTime – 21 Savage

    21 savage favorite

    Obviously had to include 21 Savage in my playlist. Always sneaks in to every month’s tracks. Issa vibe. Nothing more to say.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.