I NEED A BREAK! 3 Tips to Recharging and Resting Your Mind

Hope you are all enjoying your 3 day weekend before it’s back to work! I’ve had quite the relaxing weekend spent at home, recharging for the upcoming week. This past week involved a huge focus on mental health and glorifying solitude. Often, when things go wrong I turn to work to keep myself occupied. IContinue reading “I NEED A BREAK! 3 Tips to Recharging and Resting Your Mind”


Feeling Overwhelmed in Social Settings: How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

I can openly admit that I am the most tense, awkward, and quiet person when it comes to large social situations. It’s something I try to work on, however it truly haunts the introvert inside of me when I look back at how horribly I handled the situations. Whether its meeting new people, or havingContinue reading “Feeling Overwhelmed in Social Settings: How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress”


Day 7 into 2018 and it has already been an incredible start. I left off 2017 with great friends, both old and new, as well as better work habits that I accumulated throughout the end of the year. I hardly follow any clear cut resolutions but instead set out small, attainable goals. One of theContinue reading “CREATE WITH PASSION”


It is well known for the skin to dry out as the winter months approach, and the humidity levels drop. Lately, my skin has been feeling especially dry, leaving a flaky and rough texture around my nose and cheeks. Rather than avoiding this, I’ve adopted this simple routine to ensure my skin stays moisturized andContinue reading “MY NIGHTLY FAVORITES: SKINCARE PRODUCTS AND VITAMINS”


Life gets boring sometimes. Whether you are stuck in your daily routine or it is simply time to change up your look, here are 4 ways to switch things up! If you have any interesting ideas, please let me know in the comments! I love reading your feedback.  1. LESS IS MORE  When most ofContinue reading “LIFE GETS BORING SOMETIMES”

My Tips to HEALTHY skin

So you want clear skin…  Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t come easy. No, I don’t have flawless, baby smooth skin, but this is because I have yet to find a suitable skin care routine. Regardless, I’m interested in knowing your top skin care tips, so I’ll share mine first!  1. KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE I amContinue reading “My Tips to HEALTHY skin”


1. MENTALLY PREPARE YOURSELF  Whatever it is, it is going to take some time to allow your mind to fully grasp what is about to happen. So take that necessary time to relax, breathe, and get yourself ready!  2. EASE INTO IT  Everything takes time. Nothing should ever be rushed! It definitely helps to takeContinue reading “3 STEPS TO OVERCOMING FEARS”