WITH 100% HONESTY- it oddly feels less and less like the holidays as I get older. There is no excitement or sense of magic in the air, but instead a lack of spirit and crumbling faith. Looking back at 2018, I realize the list of unrealistic resolutions I didn’t accomplish, people I disappointed, and moments I regret. With a burdened heart I constantly compare my life to others and impatiently trudge in my own path with very little confidence in the direction I have set off in. I did not make the most of this year and it’s something I deeply regret. This is probably the least festive end of the year post, but I know a few of you understand the overwhelming pressure you can inflict on yourself when your goals seem unreachable.

With all of this being said, I do know that another year has passed where I have built a stronger mindset. I know that I have grown and gained a different perspective on life and success. This period of disappointment and wavering faith is something I will overcome with time. I know that His guidance will lead me in the right direction. If any of you felt the same as we finish off 2018, this is just 1 year out of many. Wishing all of you only the best.

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