But you can handle it. 

Never would I have imagined my dad suffering from 2 strokes and disability, my parents divorcing, or even the fact that I lasted through 18 years on this Earth. But I’m definitely not here to be pitied. 

Throughout childhood, I would watch TV shows and films, with the protection of my parents of course, as they would shield my eyes from things like kisses to raunchy sex scenes. They weren’t fans of the classic fairy tales or rom-coms. They exposed me to the raw, real life events shown daily in the news. I was a fan of watching the news (KTLA was my preference) when I knew I wanted to zone out on issues other people had. Yet I realize now that watching the news served and continues to serve as a reminder to me that there is nothing too severly large, no issue or problem, that is too much to handle. And there is always someone out there who is going through something worse. So I am grateful for my life and those around me. 

And now, as an adult (merely legally), I am without the protection of my parents. There is no one here to shield my eyes. I see life as it is, maybe thats why I am brutally honest with everyone. But we’ll talk about that in another post…

But for now, I continue to pick out the positives of every day and cherish them wholeheartedly. Positive things will always arise and are bound to happen.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 

– Rachaelle 

3 thoughts on “It’s True, Life is a rollercoaster 

    1. sorry, I hit send before I was finished! Thanks for sharing your story. Keep looking for the positive. Sounds like you have been through a lot at a young age. I know this must have made you an amazing young woman! It is encouraging to read this post and see strength in you.

      1. Wow, this made my day. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ll definitely keep trying to stay positive and helping others do so as well! Hope your day is going great.

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