Annddd… I’m back!

I’m so sorry I have been on a little break from posting recently. Unexpected events regarding family arised and my school work just piled up. So I had to put aside the writing for a bit. No more excuses!! For now, here’s the deal… 

In 2 days I’ll be graduating high school. As of now, it still has yet to hit me. My high school career has been one of the toughest experiences I have faced– from the constant judgement (from both friends and family) to the lack of motivation and repetitive routine. After 4 years, I still don’t have a place or purpose. I still have yet to find the friends that will stick by me through anything, but I have learned from each and every person I’ve interacted with through my high school experience. I feel as if these 4 years of my life shaped who I am and built the foundation of my morals and personal values. Lacking consistency in my life, but truly, when is life ever consistent? 

Throughout these 4 years… I learned who and what is important to me, how to be myself and why it’s important to care for yourself. But where am I off to next? 

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

– Rachaelle 

4 thoughts on “Lacking Consistency

  1. beautiful picture! also, congrats! i too just graduated high school 😉 it takes a while for it to even sink in… my plan is to: work hard, have fun, explore, and always be comfortable with who i am. and if something bad happens, i want to define myself by how i react not the event itself. let’s stay strong and take on the future <3
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