Normally I post pictures of myself, and I am fully aware there is a lack of variety in this blog so far. Today I thought I would push the boat out and open up my trusty portfolio! I’m still trying to build my photography knowledge, but for now I thought I would share with you a photo I took recently. Featured here today is my incredibly caring and beautiful roommate. 

Amidst financial aid scrambling and work stress, in our enclosed box of a dorm room, there is quite a bit of exchanging of ideas and talking about random life bits. We may be two hippies at times, but one of the topics we always come back to is confidence and self love. Feeling empowerment through the love you provide for yourself. On the daily, confidence is mistaken as being conceited or self absorbed. Society has come so far as to create the conclusion that posting pictures of yourself must mean that you are way too into yourself. Do pictures fully amount to the person you are? 

This is Michelle. So far, Michelle has lived 18 years of life with an open mind, endless faith, immeasurable joy, and growing wisdom. Michelle has experienced and received love, and unknowingly shares her love every single day with everyone she greets. Love is not limited by a single definition. It would be foolish to believe there is only one type of love. However, the most important love she receives is from her own heart. Self love is what allows her to respect and take care of her mind and body each day, to prepare for the future, and to have the confidence to feel beautiful– inside and out. This is Michelle, the most kind and optimistic human being I know, and I am so pleased to share this photo with you. 

As always, thank you for stopping by. 

– Rachaelle

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