So you want clear skin… 

Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t come easy. No, I don’t have flawless, baby smooth skin, but this is because I have yet to find a suitable skin care routine. Regardless, I’m interested in knowing your top skin care tips, so I’ll share mine first! 


I am still testing out new skin care products, those that really hydrate my skin in the long run. So I do break out quite a bit, since I am always interested in new products. Keep in mind, everyone has different skin types. A luxury face serum might help your friend achieve that dewy, acne free look, but it might totally break you out! Everyone is made different. I suggest speaking to your doctor or dermatologist, or even doing some research on Google to find out your skin type! 


Drink lots of water. This is something I really need to work on this year. Sounds so simple, but we often forget to drink water throughout the day as we get caught up in our busy lives. Plus you need to cleanse out the toxins and flush everything out of your system! Including that Taco Bell from last night. 


The most of us often neglect this step, but I find it incredibly important to exfoliate your face every week! Especially if you tend to wear makeup daily. Gunk tends to build up in your pores, therefore you need to scrub it all away! Exfoliating with a round facial sponge also helps to remove dead skin, leaving your face baby soft and brand new.

There you have it! Those are my 3 top secret tips to healthy skin. Like I said, I don’t have clear skin, but I’m certainly trying! Remember that everyone has different skin types. It just takes time to figure out what works best for you. At the end of the day…acne, pimples, blackheads, zits– it is natural! As long as you are taking steps to care for your body, both physically and mentally, you should be on the road to healthy skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate! Good luck. 

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

– Rachaelle 

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