Well, to some it’s called quitting. Bottom line is, university is not for me. But let’s rewind a bit…

As a lost high school senior, amongst a crowd of other naive teenagers, I was to decide my entire future within a matter of months. Major? Career choice? College? In state or out? Off campus living or dorming? Do you want to make loads of money, or actually be content with what your profession is every day?

I primarily chose to attend a University of California just because “it sounded better” than going to a CSU or vocational college. Even at a school that lacked the major I truly wanted, it was fine because it was a university, therefore success was inevitable. Sounds stupid, but I let my pride and selfishness get to me and chose to attend this school, just because it was a university. I know that I am not the only one when I admit that.

The notion was that SUCCESS = UNIVERSITY, and nothing else.

With solely myself in mind, I did not thoroughly consider the financial part of everything, and assumed I would be able to ride out the waves with financial aid covering a majority of my tuition and fees. After grants and loans had reduced my payment, there was still a substantial amount leftover to pay each quarter. Reality hit me when I was notified that I had 3 days to pay around $3,000. To some, this might have been possible. In my situation, this payment was literally impossible. The tears of a sad broke college student went everywhere as I waited on hold with advisors for over 40 minutes.Did I really want to continue my education at a university, for a major I’m not even interested in?

“Rachaelle, just get a real job and stop blogging and fucking around…Just change your major…”

Even if I had a part time job it would not be nearly enough to cover everything, and with the amount of stress (and debt) I put my family through, I would rather pay back my parents than continue attending a university I felt no connection to.

I have decided to withdraw from university, not because I’m giving up, not because I’m a failure or I’m lazy. Rather, I have realized what I actually want to pursue and how to get there in more reasonable means. In a way that makes more sense regarding my family and personal financial status. This has been one of the most challenging decisions to make, but along with education and success, you have to consider your physical and mental well being as well. Simply, I was just not happy in this city or school. Everyone will make mistakes in life, big or small. I am just glad I caught this mistake before a whirlwind of dissatisfaction and emptiness had hit me 4 years later, with a useless degree and a bland job I hated. Everyone makes mistakes, and this was just one of thousands I had made this past year.

I have decided to leave university not because I am a failure, but because there are several different roads to SUCCESS and infinite ways to define truly being successful and happy.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

– Rachaelle


  1. You’ll figure it out as you have plenty of time. Follow your instincts and take it one step at a time. Yes, there are roads to success other than the University,

  2. All the very best to you on this quest, may you find everything you have dreamt of. It’s indeed a inspiring post, I remember, so many times while traveling to my office or sitting on my office desk, I have wondered what if I had pursued my passion!! Could I be happier?? The question still intrigues me, I’m happy you have taken bold decision early in life.

    1. This is one of the most important comments I have ever received. Really stuck with me ever since. Thank you for your support with this bold decision, it is quite scary but I know I’ll get there eventually. Warm regards.

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