It’s been a bit since I’ve caught up with you guys.

I am truly sorry for the huge delay in posts… From school work to family hardships, I’ve struggled to keep my balance in life overall. As I continue to find that balance in my life, I thought I’d throw out a weekly favorites post! Haven’t done one of these in a while so here it goes. 


  • XO – EDEN
  • You Send Me – Sam Cooke 
  • Foldin Clothes – J. Cole
  • Someone Like You – Cobrayama 
  • Love in the Dark – Adele
  • Gemini – Anne-Marie 
  • Die For You – The Weeknd


  • Oversized flannels! I am definitely part of the lazy girl club, so I don’t plan much when it comes to choosing outfits. Throwing on a nice flowy oversized flannel (or a stolen flannel from your boyfriend, brother, or dad) is what I call the perfect transitioning outfit. Depending on the shoes and layering, you can dress it up or down. Casual to date night. It’s also a plus that flannels hide your belly when you want to pig out. No one will know. Leave me a comment if you want to see how I style oversized flannels! I’d love to let you in on all my secrets to the lazy girl wardrobe. 


  • Manna Grill (Riverside, CA) – Unfortunately, there is a lack of authentic, quality, homestyle Asian food in Riverside. I came across this little Korean family run kitchen just last month, not expecting much from the cheap prices, besides some dry kimbap and flavorless sides. Yet, I was proven totally wrong! For the low prices, the quality and amount of food remains pretty standard. You can just tell their rolls are made with lots of love and effort. For a cheeky little snack along with your meal, order a cup of dukbokki! These are rice cakes drenched in a yummy spicy sauce. I would drink the sauce if that didn’t mean I was psycho. Be sure to try it out if you’re in Riverside! 

I always love hearing your favorites of the week and your feedback in general. Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love. Let’s all get in touch again, share some of your favorite songs in the comments! I’ll be sure to give them a listen.

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

– Rachaelle


  1. Great post!! I love “Favorites” posts!!
    My Favs music wise have been Little Mix and Sabrina Carpenter’s new albums. I’ve had them on repeat. Fashion wise I’m loving baggy t-shirts paired with leggings (I’m clearly part of the lazy girl club). As for food I’m loving The Cobb Salad from Javas Café in Kampala, Uganda (where I live).

    Keep slaying Rachaelle!!


    1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for leaving me your favorites. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of Sabrina Carpenter so I’ll definitely check her out! Haha high five to a fellow lazy girl. I love wearing oversized tshirts too, they’re just too comfy. 🙂

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