Acne Treatment: How to Clear Severe Allergic Reaction Acne on Face

I cleared my acne and hives in 4 days with these drugstore products. As someone who loves all food, more specifically food leaning on the unhealthier side of the spectrum, I was pretty devastated and shocked  to find I was allergic to something I had ate. From the corn puff snacks to sashimi, I amContinue reading “Acne Treatment: How to Clear Severe Allergic Reaction Acne on Face”



Happy Wednesday! Following my post about tips to healthy skin, I wanted to share my every day skincare products with you. Most of these products are targeted towards those with acne-prone or oily skin, so keep in mind that they might be a little harsh or drying if you have sensitive skin. Tell me aboutContinue reading “THE DAILY: SKINCARE PRODUCTS “

My Tips to HEALTHY skin

So you want clear skin…  Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t come easy. No, I don’t have flawless, baby smooth skin, but this is because I have yet to find a suitable skin care routine. Regardless, I’m interested in knowing your top skin care tips, so I’ll share mine first!  1. KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE I amContinue reading “My Tips to HEALTHY skin”