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Instagram is always with the latest fashion trends and hip boutiques. I am so inspired and impressed by all the individuals who turn their start ups into hugely successful fashion empires throughout social media! Here's an example of one.

Instagram – @pinkplasticbabez
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Well, not just yet. Just a few more weeks until the beloved Summer 2017 comes to a closing. Here are my tips to soak up the sun.

Go out and do something you've always wanted to do!

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*Sushi pictured is from Osawa Shabu Shabu & Sushi! Located in Pasadena, CA. Definitely drop by if you're in the area.


Welcome back, everyone! I have been super inactive on my blog lately, mainly because it’s been a sluggish and truthfully lazy couple of months. But I’m back and with a new theme altogether! I hope you all like it. With all that said, here’s what I loved in July!


  • Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (Temple City, CA) — Newly opened KBBQ spot in TC! Kang Ho Dong has several other locations from Koreatown to Rowland Heights, but to save the gas and stop the hunger, we decided to drop by this local spot. We dropped by on a weekday for dinner, and surprisingly it was pretty busy with a wait! All of the servers were attentive to each of their tables. Truthfully, I thought the quality of the meat was satisfying, but the bill left a hole in my stomach… haha! A bit pricey for KBBQ. Definitely will try again though! Perhaps the other locations.

  • Amazon Prime Fresh — Having groceries delivered to your door is probably the coolest discovery ever. I’m still amazed. That is all.

  • Elote — This glorious treasure is hard to come by! On the way to dinner with my brothers, we caught a lady selling these bad boys on the street for $2 each! What a steal. 10/10.


  • LITHE COLLECTIVE — This minimal yet chic shop is back with the cutest collection of home goods and accessories for you to splurge on. Their Rattan bags are a must have for the summer! I am so impressed by this quaint collection. Check out their instagram (@lithecollective) as well as their online boutique where they’re featuring a giveaway to kickstart their return!

  • Urban Outfitters off shoulder dress
  • Faithfull The Brand off shoulder dress


  • RIP – Olivia O’Brien
  • Gilligan – DRAM
  • Bellyache – Billie Eilish (Marian Hill Remix)
  • Coming Out Strong – Future
  • Don’t Knock On My Door – Tdot illdude
  • Modern Flame – Emmit Fenn
  • Numb – 21 Savage

Thank you all for your continuous support and love! Looking forward to reading your feedback and favorites in the comments. I’ll be back soon with another post! *Trying to be more consistent….*

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The fact that March is nearly over is insane! Time has been passing by so quickly lately that it has been a necessary part of my day to stop and take a moment to reflect on everything and what my general goals are. Ambition and drive tends to whither down when you get caught up in work, school, life, and everything in between.
During these few short months, I have had the blessing of meeting a variety of people, those who inspire me daily to not only work hard, but to cherish life and all of the subtleties that are often unnoticed. It’s a stressful balance to manage at times, but this is something we learn with time.

Be grateful for each day, as the clock continues to tick and time slips away. Just as you seem to have a confident grasp on your responsibilities or emotions, each day presents an entirely new page of possibilities, and you will never be the same as you were yesterday. You are the youngest you’ll ever be, right at this very moment! Be grateful for your youth, even though it seems to last forever, age is nothing but a number. Wisdom is a glory you gain with experience. Be grateful for the times that you feel proud of yourself, yet never neglect moments where you feel unaccomplished or useless. You are always learning.


  • Forever 21 High waisted Jeans – I found an inexpensive dupe for those shopping on a budget! Ripped Knee High Waist Jeans
  • Vintage Members Only Men’s Jacket https://www.membersonlyoriginal.com/
  • Scoop Neck long sleeve crop top http://www.forever21.com/Mobile/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=top_blouses&productid=2000251683
  • Chunky lace up heels http://www.forever21.com/Mobile/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=Shoes&productid=2000221615
  • A bit pricy for a pair of eyeglasses, but if you are on the hunt for some chic quality frames and you are willing to splurge, definitely give Prada a browse! Prada Cinema Eyeglasses Frames

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February 11th marks the date I was born into the world to live fearlessly, to explore with the right amount of optimism and caution, to love passionately, and to indulge in life’s limitless joys. Granted, I do these things less often than I would like; nonetheless, you all definitely inspire me to go out and live a little more. Thank you for your birthday wishes, I am so pleased to know such a kindhearted handful of people. 

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Okay, I lied. I wish I could cure all of our stubborn acne with these few skincare tips, but I am no skin expert. Here is one reason why your pimples won’t budge.

You are neglecting to thoroughly wash and clean these everyday items!


What do we do everyday besides eat and poop? Sleep. While you are out living your life, germs are nesting into your pillow and pillowcase. I know quite a few people who do not wash their pillowcase for months… At least swap it out for a new one! The last thing you want to do after a long, tiring day is to knock out on a makeup covered, germ infested pillow.


Oh, boy. Do I have a story for you. I was visiting my friend’s place not too long ago, just to catch up. I went to use the restroom and washed my hands like the normal hygienic person does. I was stuck in the classic “Where do I wipe my hands” scenario, avoiding my pants to not make it look like I had an accident before I made it to the toilet. Yes, I know you can relate. Nonethelesss, my only sensible option was to wipe my hands on her bath towel. Everything was okay until I got a whiff of my hands… A sour, rotten, wet dog stench reeked from my hands. Does she EVER wash her towel??? And this is what she wipes her face with??? Please, just wash your towel.


I hope I am not the only one when I confess this– but I love cleaning my glasses with a glass cleaner solution before every use. Maybe I just love the smell of glass cleaner. My obsession aside, it is crucial to clean the nose pads and arms of your glasses weekly if not daily. Extra oils that you constantly put back on your face will eventually clog your pores.


If you don’t already exfoliate, you need to step up your game! Read my previous post if you want to hear me rave about how important a good exfoliation session is. For those of you who are exfoliation geeks like me, and you use a mineral infused sponge, make sure you are replacing these every 2 weeks to ensure that no buildup is going back into your pores.

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