Are You Unhappy with Your Life?

Working Towards Your Future & How to Live in the Present

To think you’ll ever be done growing and evolving mentally is such a narrow outlook on your life- this my personal view.

I know that I’ll never stop learning how to handle situations and process emotions. Life is always changing, presenting you with new moments, feelings, and people. Having the mindset that life will eventually settle and reach a balance is setting a limit on your own capabilities and potential. You will always be striving for the moment you are content with your life, when you should instead appreciate what you have in the present. Work with what you have.

If unhappiness strikes you in a way that makes you feel like you “hate your life” right now, change your perspective. Notice it and grow from it, not forgetting that this is a part of life. This is life, some situations we cannot avoid and others we have the ability to part and grow from. Rather than relentlessly aiming for the future, live in the now. This is your life, filled with your opportunities, your time, your goals, your happiness, your own path.

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Feeling Overwhelmed in Social Settings: How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

I can openly admit that I am the most tense, awkward, and quiet person when it comes to large social situations. It’s something I try to work on, however it truly haunts the introvert inside of me when I look back at how horribly I handled the situations. Whether its meeting new people, or having small talks in a casual social scene, I tend to close up and become easily anxious and overwhelmed. Like I said, I am slowly working on it! Here are some tips I’ve put together that keep me sane.


For some odd reason, when I meet friends of friends, the anxiety builds up inside me and I want to make a good impression so badly that it freaks me out! No one is going assume you’re nervous or anxious to begin with! Enter with a positive outlook and set it off on a good note. Sometimes we expand things so large in our minds that it becomes this huge cloud that consumes your true intentions and emotions. Don’t go into it thinking it’s a chance to make an impression, view it as a possibility to meet new faces and learn from them. Relax, take a deep breath, and stop overthinking.


This one is killer! I am the crazy of crazies. I overthink to the point where it stops me from doing things. I overthink to the point where I completely close up and become a mute. Sucks, I know! Haha. If you are just as nervous in social situations, you have to take the chance and be completely open to listening to others and vibing out. Stop worrying about what others might think or say about you, stop caring if your nervous habits are weird or noticeable. Instead, focus on the people you are with, be attentive and listen to what they have to say. Ask questions, be interested. Even if you’re not! Make this your goal, instead of worrying so heavily on what others are going to think about you.


So you’re there, in the pit of it. You are in this group of people, you’re listening to side conversations about their new jobs…moving house…that new Korean spot down the street. YOU ARE THERE TOO. You are a part of it! Join in. Even if you feel like you have absolutely no relation or common interests. As a huge introvert who gets easily overwhelmed, it’s a strange but recurring feeling to feel invisible, not present, or almost existential in large social settings. You have to hold on to that string that’s keeping you from floating up into your thoughts, and tug it back down into reality. You are a part of the conversation, you are a part of the setting. Include as much of yourself and personality as you can… and eventually you will face your fears.

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed in seemingly large social settings. This is something I struggle with working on and truly envy those who are social butterflies. All you butterflies out there…

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It is well known for the skin to dry out as the winter months approach, and the humidity levels drop. Lately, my skin has been feeling especially dry, leaving a flaky and rough texture around my nose and cheeks. Rather than avoiding this, I’ve adopted this simple routine to ensure my skin stays moisturized and soft in the winter months. Regardless, everyone has varied skin types. This is what works for me!



Changing up your face wash is absolutely essential as the seasons change, as the weather shifts from hot to cold. Observe the physical changes in your skin- if your skin tends to build up more oil in the summer, look for an oil free face wash. I absolutely love Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, which tends to work for all skin types. On the other hand, if your skin tends to flake in the winter, find a cleanser that will re-moisturize your skin. This fall/winter I have been hooked to Cetaphil’s Daily Facial cleanser, because of it’s gentle cleansing capabilities while still removing all of the excess makeup and dirt. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, while not stripping away the natural oils!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



Next up, EXFOLIATE! I’ve stressed how important exfoliating is, but I cant express how necessary it is in the dry winter months! Designed for men and women, this mud mask leaves your skin visibly pore-less after one use. I have been using this product 3x a week and noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my forehead and nose, where I have the biggest pores. I have to admit I was gifted this product by my good friend (THANK YOU JIAOJIAO!!), and it’s value is quite pricey, but I would probably buy it again after I hit empty. This mask also does wonders for those massive pimples that you wish could reduce overnight.



The reason why I tend to rave about Philosophy is because of how versatile all of their products are, regarding skin types. Philosophy’s Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker has been a favorite of mine this winter due to its ability to thoroughly replenish my skin’s natural moisture, without feeling a heavy layer on my face. This product is meant for managing wrinkles however it is a creamier consistency to use in the winter, as the skin becomes drier.



Following the cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, I like to apply Mederma’s gel formulated scar treatment to my acne prone areas and scars, old and new. Admittedly, I don’t apply this every night because I don’t enjoy sleeping with too many products on my face, however I have been using this quite frequently after seeing the results. I have had a large patch of acne scars on my left cheek for quite a while now, and decided to try out Mederma after hearing the raging reviews. The main reason why I’ve added this product to my nightly favorites is because it has reduced a majority of the discoloration on my cheeks due to scarring. My scars have not completely vanished, but Mederma has helped a ton!





The last element to my fall/winter night time rituals has been taking my daily vitamins! These are some of the vitamins I tend to take regularly, however the ones I make sure to never skip out on would be Vitamin D and C! Vitamin D is essential in allowing the body to absorb calcium which leads to healthy bone growth. As for vitamin C, it is important to protect your body from immune system deficiencies during the cold winter months. Stock up!

If you would like a more in depth post about the vitamins I consume daily, leave me a comment!


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Here is a smidge of work I did this week on the wellness dimensions most important in my life currently, and the role of psychosocial health in relationships.

Most of us are generally in the same stage in life, if not the same age, we all struggle with transitioning and adapting to new changes. Through these daily changes, it is essential to apply all dimensions of health and wellness in order to thoroughly take care of your mind and body. Currently, the occupational and emotional dimensions are the most important in my life. As a transfer student, I am struggling to adapt to new systems and teachings, while working and earning money to pay for school. It’s a tough balance, but the occupational dimension is a huge factor in my life that ensures I push myself at work in order to have savings to pursue an education. In addition, I try to ensure that my time at school does not go to waste. This goes hand in hand with the emotional dimension, because it is often tough to keep a positive and steady outlook on situations that seem unbearable or even impossible.

Hopefully, in 5 to 10 years I will not be as narrow minded as I am now, and try to find my balance in all the wellness dimensions. Finding this steady balance and prioritizing all of the dimensions is what produces a healthy mind and body. In relation, psychosocial health is a key factor when achieving a healthy mind and body. Having friends and family to share your thoughts with allows you to fully express your emotions. As a result, these relationships are bonded further when connecting emotionally.

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Well, not just yet. Just a few more weeks until the beloved Summer 2017 comes to a closing. Here are my tips to soak up the sun.

Go out and do something you've always wanted to do!

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*Sushi pictured is from Osawa Shabu Shabu & Sushi! Located in Pasadena, CA. Definitely drop by if you're in the area.


Normally I post pictures of myself, and I am fully aware there is a lack of variety in this blog so far. Today I thought I would push the boat out and open up my trusty portfolio! I’m still trying to build my photography knowledge, but for now I thought I would share with you a photo I took recently. Featured here today is my incredibly caring and beautiful roommate. 

Amidst financial aid scrambling and work stress, in our enclosed box of a dorm room, there is quite a bit of exchanging of ideas and talking about random life bits. We may be two hippies at times, but one of the topics we always come back to is confidence and self love. Feeling empowerment through the love you provide for yourself. On the daily, confidence is mistaken as being conceited or self absorbed. Society has come so far as to create the conclusion that posting pictures of yourself must mean that you are way too into yourself. Do pictures fully amount to the person you are? 

This is Michelle. So far, Michelle has lived 18 years of life with an open mind, endless faith, immeasurable joy, and growing wisdom. Michelle has experienced and received love, and unknowingly shares her love every single day with everyone she greets. Love is not limited by a single definition. It would be foolish to believe there is only one type of love. However, the most important love she receives is from her own heart. Self love is what allows her to respect and take care of her mind and body each day, to prepare for the future, and to have the confidence to feel beautiful– inside and out. This is Michelle, the most kind and optimistic human being I know, and I am so pleased to share this photo with you. 

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– Rachaelle