…Vegetables and food truck tacos are exactly what my diet has been full of for this past week, and I’m content as ever. I love sharing my finds with you all and these spots definitely made me happy. Let me know your favorite spots in LA, I am dying to try new places!


I am usually a meat lover, but lately I’ve been a sucker for all veggies. Boiling Point’s Organic Veggie pot does the trick with my unusual and unwavering cravings for vegetables. The soup broth is so clean and pure compared to the other meat based broths. Not that I’m a meat hater! I just really enjoy eating vegetables… And the response my body gives! (What goes in must come out…)

2. EL FLAMIN’ TACO TRUCK (Location on Vermont)

Who doesn’t love a plate of dirty street tacos? El Flamin’ is surely on a whole ‘notha level regarding the taco truck world. Maybe I haven’t ventured out enough to every taco truck in LA, but El Flamin’ seriously has the best pastor tacos. Pile it on with some salsa verde, loads of onions, and radish… Mmm. So juicy!


Roasted vegetable heaven! Urban Plates is one of my newly discovered favorite restaurants. Their hearty meals can be a bit rich and are blatantly for the rich (it can be a bit pricey for a meal), but the quality and flavor was worth it. If I have the time and money, you know where to find me!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

– Rachaelle


Happy Friday everyone!

The first week of August has already flown by and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I guess ‘bittersweet’ is accurate, since summer is nearly halfway through. 

I thought I would start off a new weekly post to share some of my favorites! From foodie places to poppin’ jams, leave in the comments your favorites from this week also! Let me know where I should head to next or what I should try. Reading all of your responses always makes my day. 


  • With you – Drake 
  • Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Surprise Yourself – Jack Garratt
  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele 
  • So Long (ft. Madi) – Slushii 
  • Cruel – Snakehips 
  • Don’t Need Your Love – Lucas Nord 
  • Circles – MDWS 

*Been obsessed with Jack Garratt lately! If you haven’t heard his music yet you need to check him out. Some of the remixes of his songs are pretty poppin’ too. 


  • Rompers, rompers, rompers 
  • Anything made of loose and breathable material for this dry California weather 


  • Hooshik (Monterey Park, CA) – I was recently introduced to this little dessert/tea shop and considering that I don’t have to drive to Koreatown in LA for Korean Style shaved ice, I think it’s pretty worth it! Definitely a welcoming place to hang out at. Their decor and shaved ice are instagrammable too so that’s always a plus! I appreciate these stores that open late during the summer. Gotta cure the munchies! 
  • Izakaya Honda-Ya (Rowland Heights, CA) – Another restaurant that opens late! This cozy Japanese place was truly a  spontaneous find when my friends and I were craving Takoyaki at 12:30AM. Their prices were pretty reasonable and not too bad for authentic Japanese food. Get the black sesame ice cream if you’re craving something mildly sweet! 

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

– Rachaelle