What I REALLY think about Influencers

The stigma around “influencers”

is that pretty Instagram girls make a living off of sponsorships and free products, promoting brands and foods they might not even believe in- just because they are blessed with the life they have earned. Don’t get me wrong, an influencer in our age is more than just posting eye catching content that sells almost anything, it is about developing trust and a brand that reflects who you are. Everyone wants to be an influencer.

Disregard the money and unreal amount of PR package unboxing- what is really left over? Sure, everyone has their own definition of success and financial stability, but what about wellness and mental health?

I try to stay as genuine as I can on my socials, revealing the raw truth about what makes me who I am today. Sometimes authenticity does not get you far but I believe potential is recognized and rewarded in the long run. Everyone works hard to be where they are now. But where do you picture yourself to be in the future?

How do you see yourself as an influencer to not just your friends and family, but to yourself? Put aside the money for a moment and consider your well-being. Authenticity and a goal driven mindset takes you further than you could have ever imagined.

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MATTHEW 4:1-11

There is no temptation, no greed, hunger, unhealthy desire or hardship so great that He will not help you overcome.

You are never alone, one is “with you always, even to the end of the age” Matt 28:20

In daily realities we have faithfulness in His grace that is sufficient for us.

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FRIDAY FAVORITES: Here’s to The First Week of 2019

And…We’re back! I’m a little late but I would love to wish all of you a wonderful New Year, I hope you had the night to celebrate with your loved ones. From food to music, I wanted to share all of my recently loved items with you. Here is a brief recap of my current favorite restaurants, fashion favorites, and artists that I listen to daily. Thank you so much for your support over the past years. Let’s do this…


Pasta e Pasta by Allegro

Okay okay, props to my boyfriend for taking me to new spots and broadening my foodie dreams… But how did I never know this glorious restaurant existed?! Pasta e Pasta is a humble little Japanese Italian restaurant located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Admittedly, I have only been there twice but their Mentai Japanese Cream Pasta is the winner. Killer 10/10 for me. They tend to fill up right at opening so try to arrive early or mark your spot in line through Yelp. So convenient and incredibly worth it. I am a hardcore fan

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar


Listen, as someone who loves desserts of all kind… I would have to admit, Bumsan has become one of my favorite ice cream shops. What I love about it is their unique flavors and simplicity- probably because their products are 100% organic USDA certified, non-GMO, antibiotic-free dairy. Not too sweet or overbearing. Includes a free topping. Super Instagrammable. From matcha to taro milk tea, I’m pretty sure Bumsan will please any ice cream connoisseur. Check em out if you’re in Koreatown, Los Angeles!


It’s truly heartbreaking that I have only one day off to express myself through fashion, since the other days I’m trapped in my work uniform. As a SoCal baby here is my go to item I have been utilizing this winter:

Members Only Sherpa Coat

*Members Only is currently having a 50% off sitewide sale! Grab your favorite styles before they discontinue!*

This Members Only Sherpa Coat has been keeping me warm this chilly winter in LA! For a SoCal girl, anything below 50 degrees requires a thick coat and a scarf. Luckily I can dress this coat up or down according to the occasion. Thank you to Members Only for gifting me this jacket a while back! Always a favorite.


Click this super secret link to head to my January 2019 Spotify playlist. I will be constantly adding to this throughout the month: https://open.spotify.com/user/v-llv/playlist/056nrnwQP0lT56NAJ87lia?si=Q6ds1dGxTd2m7Z0Iu2AeiQ

  • Imagine – Ariana Grande



  • Coolin’ – Mya


  • Shelter – Porter Robinson


  • Widdit – Boombox Cartel, QUIX
  • https://open.spotify.com/track/3M1QKRWsVzmG9WCQ6ULNt6?si=iFJYQd6BRmyd9gt_PBqEfQ

  • That concludes my favorites from fashion to music throughout this first week of 2019! Happy New Year, I am so grateful to have this modest little spot on the internet that allows me to connect and share bits of my life with all of you. Wishing you all the best this year, I hope we all continue to work hard towards our goals and support each other’s growth.

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    Acne Treatment: How to Clear Severe Allergic Reaction Acne on Face

    I cleared my acne and hives in 4 days with these drugstore products.

    As someone who loves all food, more specifically food leaning on the unhealthier side of the spectrum, I was pretty devastated and shocked  to find I was allergic to something I had ate. From the corn puff snacks to sashimi, I am still not too sure what exactly caused the hives and allergic reaction acne. Admittedly I had munched on a variety of goods. I am usually not one to let my physical appearance stop me from doing things, but this was the worst my skin has ever been and I needed to find an immediate solution. Whatever the cause of my reaction was, this is how I healed my breakout within a week! MY TOP SKIN CARE EMERGENCY PRODUCTS:


    For a couple years now I’ve been using Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser. I tend to have combination skin and this gentle cleanser does the trick! For someone who wears makeup everyday, this lathering wash removes all of it off easily… That’s why it’s been a staple! Never dries out my skin. https://amzn.to/2St1Edi


    This is especially helpful for treating infection directly, as it targets superficial debris that may lead to clogged pores. This topical treatment toner is quite drying, but does the trick when your body is producing more oil than usual! Whenever it has been an especially long day, I use this toner to deep clean and remove excess oils and dirt that have been building up. Also acts as an exfoliant! Be careful and use this stuff in moderation though, it does tend to dry out your skin. This is what I found most useful for the allergic reaction acne.


    It’s exactly what it is. An acne treatment that dries out pimples throughout the day, reducing the spot if not getting rid of it entirely. The only downside of this cream is that you have to remember to reapply it throughout the day as it dries. https://amzn.to/2Pkk7Xs


    Similar to the Clearasil Spot Treatment, the Mario Badescu drying lotion is a little more potent and is an overnight treatment for whiteheads. A gentle dab and rinse the next morning, your pimples are gone! Definitely a lifesaver.


    This last cream was a true treasure prescribed by my doctor! This topical treatment worked by irritating the first layer of the skin, allowing the cells to grow, divide, and rebuild a new layer. Amazing stuff! If you have trouble with acne and stubborn spots, ask your doctor about this treatment.


    – Hydrate with lots of green tea and water

    – Take antihistamines

    With professional medical permission and help, antihistamines do tend to help allergic reactions. Personally, taking Benadryl reduced the swelling but did not get rid of the acne that the reaction left, which is why I resorted to this skincare routine.

    And that wraps up my top skincare products that saved my skin after this uncalled for and super unfortunate allergic reaction mess. Good luck, I hope this helps if any of you come across this situation!

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    It’s been one of the slowest weeks yet. From work to school, everything seems to be moving in slow motion. Personally, to get over this rut I have been really cherishing alone time and reminding myself of the little things that make me happy. Keep pushing through the week! I’m here for you and believe in you.



    Thank you to my good friend Yeab for taking these awesome shots! Find more of him HERE.

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    ROANNE (Instagram: @baabyro)
    Los Angeles, CA
    BODY/LENS: Canon 60D + 50mm f/1.8

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    How Do You Define Love?

    A Relationship With Love

    With much grown acceptance, I have realized that my perspective is constantly shifting- regarding holistic growth, wellness, relationships, and love.

    Delving into the glorified topic of relationships and love, it is fair to say that you learn as you go- picking up your likes and dislikes, and factoring in your morals and beliefs. Hearts break, your storage of love-filled and love-less memories build up, and finally you are left with truths of what you believe is to create a “better next time.” As of now, the most important factors of a long lasting relationship are the presence of love, the enduring efforts made, and trust. These are my findings. Consideration for each other’s well being is a huge part in it as well.

    What is best for both individuals? Does your presence in each other’s lives take a toll on your individuality, or does it encourage you to progress forward and grow?

    It is incredibly common for most to be in love with the idea of being in love- sharing happiness with another individual and creating a bond that no one else could imagine. We tend to put others first before ourselves, and forget that each of us are living our own gifted lives before tending to the happiness of another. Your personal development of happiness and wellness, above all, should be a top priority before creating a lasting love. This love is the result of two individuals who strive to become better as separate people, with acceptance of each other’s progress as a step towards building a strong relationship.

    Love, in it’s many forms, is a twisted yet essential part of life that is defined on your own terms. How do you define love? How do you wish to receive love?

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    MODEST FEATURE: Kristin Magdalene on Self Care, Discovering Creativity, and Knitting as a Passion

    Kristin Magdalene started knitting as a form of stress relief from her busy job as a television producer in NYC. She specializes in exclusive hand-knit designs at KristinMagdalene.com

    …Growing up I considered myself to be a hopeless non-creative.

    One of my favorite modes of self-care is expressing myself creatively, and I love that I can say that because growing up I considered myself to be a hopeless non-creative. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that while some are naturally talented in different areas, that creativity is actually a skill and I can get better and better each day.

    Knitting is really popular at the moment, and I completely understand why. It can be a mindless activity so you can still chat with friends, and it can be a mindful activity to really focus and calm your mind. Plus, you get a really cool sweater at the end.

    All of these are reasons why I started knitting, and because of that, I realized I actually did have a natural talent that probably would have remained undiscovered for the rest of my life: I love designing, so much so that I now sell my knitwear and patterns because they’re so unique and I think it’s a lot of fun.

    But my favorite secret about knitting and about creativity and even self-care is that it doesn’t have to be perfect and wonderful and give you warm and fuzzy feelings. There is nothing better in the world than a taking a knitting project that isn’t working and gently tugging on the yarn and watching everything unravel.

    Sometimes the best solution is to take the exact same materials you started with and create something new.

    Discover more of Kristin’s passion on her Instagram @kristinmagdalene

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