The SKIN is most precious.

We are a medley of low hanging fruit—⁠

wrapped in generations of history, enveloped in our own baggage—⁠ sharing one world, facing discrepancies in morality and culture mindfulness.

It is at the core of a human being

to overcome the pretense we were fertilized in: the idea that any variance in race, color, shape, status, experience, education… definitively decides your place in the world versus others’. The skin of a fruit is rich with incomparable complexities. It is resilient. The skin beholds beloved generations of history and culture, from person to person. It is the most precious, yet a constant among all.

The core of fruit is life-bearing,

as one fruit can yield several seeds for the future. Similarly, our values and beliefs lie at our core. It is synonymously the mind and heart that need to be modified, welcoming contrasting values without resistance. It’s a matter of gratitude and self-education— realizing that even during months of solitude we need humanity to truly thrive.

An undeniable beauty of the world is that we are all diverse, yet the undeniable flaw of our world is that we are diverse.

At our core, we fail to recognize we are humans with purpose, each purely one of a kind, born to intentionally nurture and educate each other based on our differences. Without welcoming diversity, we become rotten at the core.

Photo by Milan Zrnic

Just as you can express love in both tangible and intangible forms, you can voice your opinion or educate yourself to spark momentum for a worldwide movement of holistic peace and equality. Speak your truths. Allow yourself to practice gratitude and appreciation for humanity, you are a part of the low hanging fruit until we alter what is at our core.

ARTWORK: “Low Hanging Fruit III” • Oil on panel by @jacobapfeiffer 

PHOTOGRAPHY: @milanzrnic

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